Luis Aguilé - English



Luis Aguilé born on February 24, 1936 in Buenos Aires. Great composer (he wrote more than 600 songs and recorded about 1000). Singer, writer, showman, actor … he settled in Spain since 1963 and devoted his life to music until the last moment.

We left the October 10, 2009, to “find a place where the sky is bluer …” as the lyrics of one of his songs said.

Mari Pepa with Luis Aguilé in the musical “Viva La Gran Vía”, in a room of the Gran Via. A show created by himself, to commemorate the centenary of this Madrid street with great success.

Mari Pepa had a very close friendship with Luis and remember him fondly, also in concert, performing songs from his zarzuela as: ” Hay que mantener las tradiciones”, ” Cuando se siente el amor “, “Viva la Gran Via” and others.

Our love for castizo makes us be patient, right Luis? One day we see your zarzuela announced on billboards all Spain and we can enjoy this wonderful work. Thank you for writing teacher!


Mari Pepa singing with Luis Aguilé in the show VIVA LA GRAN VÍA