comienzosMari Pepa, daughter of Juan Jose and Pilar and cat of many generations, is born On January 24 in one of the most pure neighborhoods of Madrid, which name proudly, it has used as artistic surname: Chamberí.

The love for the music inherited it from his parents. Juan Jose, PADRESsinger of tangos and great admirer of Carlos Gardel, it was interpreting the digest of the famous singer. His mother, Pilar, also was a lover of the music, was adoring the operetta and was feeling special devotion for Jorge Negrete’s songs. Therefore, it was not of surprising that so many Mari Pepa, since his sister Elvira they were born with this passion for the music. Both united sisters, to the age of 9 years (Mari Pepa) and 11 years (Elvira), sang to duo in an acquaintance program of radio in Madrid, in which they obtained great success.

iguazu1Years happened, but not his great artistic vocation and his desires to devote itself to the song. One day, before TVE’s summons in Madrid for a contest of new singers, lost not even a minute and wrote. He appeared as soloist of a trio to a casting to which there came thousands of persons proceeding from the whole Spain and … surprise! They selected them.

It took part interpreting Latin-American folklore and with the name of LOS IGUAZÚ it intervened in several programs, spending eliminating several and coming to the final. His face, it became popular. It was at the time when it recorded his first disc as singer of the trio LOS IGUAZÚ.

Later, he travelled to Holland and fixed his residence in Ámsterdam. There, the record AMSTERDAM_FIRMA CON DISCOGRÁFICABASART RECORDS received her name with MARIA PILAR. It recorded three discs with versions of topics of Mozart and Beethoven, to that it put letter. Also it recorded a nice version of the bolero » HISTORIA DE UN AMOR «, with an arrangement sound Philadelphia. It had great success and reputation, so that it was habitual to see his photos in the first pages of the magazines and national press. To all that they followed innumerable Concerts, television programs and radio.
The longing for his family and his adored natal city, they provoke his return to Spain, where one decides about sole right to the variety song and the popular music of Madrid. Already with the name MARI PEPA DE CHAMBERÍ, devotes himself to recover his pure roots and composes chotis, paso doble, passacaglias. It records his second disc and first of this so called kind » LA MOVIDA DEL MANTÓN «, with popular topics and own compositions, of that is necessary to stand out the chotis of his authorship called » GATO MADRILEÑO » between others.


I dial this one they him would follow later, others » Y…A OTRA COSA MARIPOSA » , » TINTO CON SIFÓN » ,»LLENA DE GLORIA», «CRUZAR EL CHARCO», and others one you can listen in page of «Discografy«

Mari Pepa acts in the most popular events of Madrid and travels also for provinces harvesting successes.Likewise it comes invited to numerous programs of radio and television taking as flag the songs of Madrid to which so much it loves and the variety song.

In a round table of a program of radio, poet knows to famous GLORIA FUERTES, with thegloriafuertespepaç one that supports a great friendship and to the one that practises great admiration and fondness and decides to start the creation of his next record work, in which the poeta takes part, writing the letter of two of the songs and recording his voice together with that of Mari Pepa in the song» BEBO PARA VERTE DOBLE «. The chotis » BOLLITOS DE LECHE » is one of the songs mas popular. Mari Pepa remains delighted with this new experience and flood of Gloria Fuertes’s fondness, decides to put this name to the disc: » LLENA DE GLORIA » in honor to great poet.

Later, Mari Pepa works adapting texts of the poeta and putting music it gives form to a new disc: «MOSAICOS» with infantile songs and Christmas carols, which were in use in a campaign of equality in the colleges.

Longing for the ballads that he was singing previously, it opens a small parenthesis in his career, and with the name PILAR HIDALGO, records a qualified disc «MUY CERCA», produced by Pepe Sanchez. A good record work with topics like that gives name to the disc «Muy cerca», » Porqué me estás queriendo » or » Camino privado «, songs of the own singer, Pepe Sanchez, Manuel Alejandro, Alejandro Cintas, etc., they form this disc to which the artist qualifies as » an unforgettable experience «.

563250_419062538122751_1054031064_nFor many years it travels to Pyongyang, in North Korea, to act in » APRIL SPRING FRIENDSHIP ART FESTIVAL «, representing Spain, interpreting popular songs as » LOS NARDOS » and others that it composed specially for the above mentioned contest, and typical songs of Korea. A country in the one that left fingerprint and obtained several awards and a great popularity, fondness and artistic recognition.


Mari Pepa operated the Gran Vía of Madrid, together with LUIS AGUILÉ in the musical spectacle » VIVA LA GRAN VÍA «, created by he composer as honoring to the centenary of the famous avenue, obtaining great success. A very wealth-producing experience for the artist, who forged an intimate friendship with the artist, feeling very much fondness and admiration for he.

IMG_5545In 2012 Mari Pepa he travels to Argentina and presents his spectacle » EL SENTIR MADRILEÑO » of the hand of the great artist SUSANA RINALDI, for which he feels great admiration and fondness. The event is celebrated in the » CLASSICA Y MODERNA » room of Buenos Aires by great success.

This one will be different of the dates that Mari Pepa takes always in his recollection and motivates it to be employed at his following record project and to compose a song dedicated to the Avenue of May. The musical Argentina always was present in the life of Mari Pepa, for it it decides to record a disc that would be like a brotherhood of the music of sayings country and Spain.

In May, 2013, it acted in the Honoring that paid the Town hall of Madrid to SARA MONTIEL, in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, interpreting topics as » El Relicario «,» Rosa de Madrid » and «Nostalgias» with great success. This concert I fill MARI PEPA of happiness, since it is Sara Montiel’s great fan.

His latest album «Cruzar el charco», recorded in Buenos Aires and Madrid contains folk songs of famous Argentine and Spanish authors, as well as of his own, as «Avenida de Mayo» a tango-pasodoble dedicated to the Buenos Aires Avenue.

In may 2016 presented his latest album in Argentina, where he gave a series of concerts and also in Buenos Aires, at the international book fair, he presented his first book called «Cocinando Canciones», a novel that tells the story of a woman who loves the music on almost everything and that includes scores of popular songs by Spanish and foreign authors.

I also present their last composition «Peregrino de Santiago», which was theme of a series of events scheduled at the book fair and other places.


In May 2017 she officiated as godmother, in the act of blessing the water of the fountain in the Hermitage of San Isidro in Madrid.



On June 4, 2019, Mari Pepa has released her latest musical work: «Música y Liturgia», ten songs for the Holy Mass of her authorship.

It took place in the parish of the Virgin of the Paloma and San Pedro el Real de Madrid and the Eucharist was presided by the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid D. Carlos Osoro.

In August 2019 Mari Pepa delivers the latest composition to the Madrid Fire Department. A pasodoble dedicated to the Body that bears the title «Heroes of Madrid» and that he interpreted in that act. Mari Pepa received her thanks and a commemorative plaque.

Mari Pepa de Chamberí, continues compossed and to offer its live concerts to the public, in a close and endearing way.