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February / 2023 – Youth and Castizos Contest

If you want to participate in a Contest to interpret traditional popular songs, now you have the possibility. You dare?
Leave us a message here or send an email with your details to:


November, 9 / 2022 – Save of Virgin Almudena

Mari Pepa will sing as every year the Salve of her authorship to the Virgin of the Almudena, at the foot of the Cathedral, when the procession ends.

August, 15 / 2022 – Parish Virgin Paloma and San Pedro el Real – Madrid

Mari Pepa sang the PADRENUESTRO with music of her own at the High Mass celebrated in the Parish of the Paloma, officiated by Mr. Cardenal Carlos Osoro and in the act of lowering the painting of the Virgin, she sang the Ave Maria.

Before starting the procession, Mari Pepa before the painting, Save at Virgin of the Paloma.

At 12 o’clock at night and to close the acts on the occasion of the celebration of the Paloma festivities, Mari Pepa sang Save again outside the temple.

August, 13 / 2022 – Save the Virgin of the Paloma

At 12 o’clock at night, Mari Pepa sang Save the Virgin, outside the temple.

This act was repeated at the same time and place on the 14th and 15th.

August, 11 / 2022 – Day of the Castizos

In the Parish of the Virgen de la Paloma and San Pedro el Real in Madrid, Mari Pepa sang the Mass with music of her own, dedicated to «Los Castizos» of Madrid.

At the end of the act, outside the temple, the third chotis contest organized by the Parroquia de la Paloma took place.

August, 6 / 2022 – San Cayetano Festivities – Madrid

On May 6, for the first time in the Plaza Vara del Rey (Madrid) to give a concert. It has been a nice experience. A lively audience, eager to party that participated throughout the show.

Esther and Jesús Márquez put on a wonderful display of chotis and pasodoble, much applauded by the public. They also staged a fragment of the zarzuela «La revoltosa»

A concert that was very short, but that left a great taste in the mouth.

Thank you Madrid!

May, 15 / 2022 – San Isidro’s Day– Patron Saint of Madrid – Jardines de las Vistillas

A much-desired concert for being the return to normality of Madrid’s festivities. It was made very short.

A projection offered the public a video with images of some famous Spanish singers, who had performed traditional songs throughout their artistic career, as a small tribute.

Mari Pepa offered a popular traditional repertoire, very participatory and accompanied on the piano by Miguel Tubía and by Esther and Jesús Márquez in the dances and the staging of Zarzuela, they made the concert have a joyful and festive character.

A wonderful audience, with many people enthusiastically followed Mari Pepa throughout the concert, showing their love and admiration. An unforgettable afternoon!

May, 14 / 2022 – Cultural Center «San Juan Bautista» – Madrid

Mari Pepa had been at the Center just a month ago and even so, the public gave the singer-songwriter a lot of applause and affection.

It was an endearing and exciting concert with an audience that made Mari Pepa and them emotional in many moments, due to the fantastic atmosphere that was created in the room.

Miguel Tubía accompanied Mari Pepa on the piano in a spectacular way and together they had some very beautiful and emotional moments.

Thank you to the public for your admiration and affection.

May, 13 / 2022 – Cultural Center «El Madroño» – Madrid

A wonderful afternoon, for a long-awaited concert by a fantastic audience that filled the cultural center.

A very happy atmosphere and a repertoire that, although it exceeded the scheduled time, was short for them and they asked Mari Pepa for an encore that they sang with her. I repeat, a wonderful afternoon!

May, 6 / 2022 – Festivities of Madrid – Prairie to San Isidro

Mari Pepa inaugurated the San Isidro festivities with a concert dedicated to the patron saint, joyful and participatory.

Projections, popular songs, exhibition of chotis and pasodoble by Esther and Jesús Márquez and accompanied on piano by Miguel Tubía, made the show a success and a good start to the Madrid festivities.

Long live San Isidro!

April, 23 / 2022 – Patron Saint festivities of Alcorcón (Madrid)

Our thanks to the public of Alcorcón, who despite the terrible cold it was last Saturday, went to the town hall square to witness the Mari Pepa concert. They sang, danced, applauded her a lot and accompanied her until the end.

A great memory of the big day of the festivities of Santo Domingo and San Dominguín.

Thanks guys, see you soon!!

April, 9 / 2022 – Cultural Center San Juan Bautista (Madrid)

A concert not to forget that of MARI PEPA at the San Juan Bautista Cultural Center. A wonderful audience that applauded the singer with force and affection, during the show dedicated as a tribute to the great diva Sara Montiel.

Mari Pepa ended the concert with an encore requested by the audience, singing a cappella with them the refrain of a famous pasodoble. Fantastic memory!

April, 8 / 2022 – Cultural Center Sara Montiel

Mari Pepa offered a concert-tribute to Sara Montiel on the ninth anniversary of her departure, with great success.

The public was very happy with the show, in which, in addition to the songs performed by Mari Pepa, recalling Sara Montiel’s repertoire, they were able to see fragments of her most famous films.

September, 7 / 2021 – Concierto de Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila)

MARI PEPA with  her  show “De la Mancha a Hollywood” brought  to  the  public  of Arenas de San Pedro the memory of SARA MONTIEL, with a tribute in which she performed the most popular songs of the  great diva and fragments of some of her films were viewed.

An  enthusiastic  audience  accompanied  Mari Pepa with  their  voices,  singing with her the best-known refrains  of  the repertoire by Sara Montiel.

August, 15 / 2021 – Festivities of the Virgin de la Paloma

At 1:00 p.m. The high mass began in the parish of La Paloma, officiated by the Cardinal Bishop of Madrid, Carlos Osoro and with the presence of the ecclesiastical and political authorities, as well as all the public allowed by the covid regulations, while crowds of people followed the act at the gates of the church.

The event was broadcast live on TV.

Mari Pepa, sang the Padrenuestro and Ave Maria, with music of her own.

At 8 p.m. Mari Pepa interpreted a cappella, Hail to the Virgin of La Paloma before the image of the painting, an event that was broadcast live on TV and was later interviewed.

The event was broadcast on several national television channels live and she was subsequently interviewed on Telemadrid.

At 12 o’clock at night in the Vistillas gardens, a place with a lot of traditional Castiza, Mari Pepa put an end to the Paloma festivities, singing the salve to the Virgin before the public gathered in the enclosure.

August, 14 / 2021 – Concert » Viva la Paloma! »  Garden of Vistillas – Madrid

Concert of traditional music starring MARI PEPA. With his show “Viva la Paloma”, he brought Madrid’s popular music up to date, interpreting a happy and very participative repertoire, with popular themes of his own.

An excellent audience attended the event, despite the extremely high temperatures.

Nerea, a sign interpreter, translated some of the most popular songs from Mari Pepa’s concert.

August, 11 / 2021 – Mass in Honor of the Castizos

Mari Pepa sang the songs of her authorship, in the holy Mass that the parish of La Paloma celebrated in honor of the Castizos.

The Federation of Traditional Madrid Groups and the traditional groups were present in this emotional and endearing act.

May, 31 / 2021 – Church of La Paloma – Madrid

After singing the Ave Maria at mass, presided over by Cardinal Carlos Osoro, Mari Pepa took part in the inauguration ceremony of a mosaic of the Virgin of the Paloma outside the temple, singing to the popular patron of Madrid a chotis of his authorship, creating a very emotional and endearing atmosphere among the public and attending authorities.

Mari Pepa with the ecclesiastical authorities of Madrid

May, 29 / 2021 – Las Rozas de Madrid

Mari Pepa, accompanied on the piano by Miguel Tubía, offered her show «El Madrid de nuestros mayores», on a large open-air stage, in the street Real de Las Rozas, in a limited space for the event.

Esther, Lucía, Jesús and Jesús Jr. Márquez, made a masterful exhibition of chotis and pasodoble, which were highly applauded by the public.

The staging of the duo of «La del manojo de rosas», caused surprise and satisfaction in the public.

Totally full and a fantastic audience that participated singing with Mari Pepa all the popular songs that she interpreted. A great success in an unforgettable afternoon!

May, 22 / 2021 – Cultural Center San Juan Bautista

Continuing Mari Pepa’s tour of Madrid, on Saturday the 22nd she gave a concert at the C.C. San Juan Bautista.

A very beautiful room, total health care and a fantastic audience that filled the room and sang the songs with Mari Pepa with great enthusiasm.

They sang the encore they asked for, wasting joy, wanting more. Thanks for all of it.

May, 21 / 2021 – Cultural Center El Madroño

Mari Pepa’s concert at the El Madroño Cultural Center (Madrid) was one of those that remain in the memory.

Although with masks, the audience gave it their all and the concert was a great success.

Thanks to C. C. El Madroño and the audience for their applause and affection.

May, 19 / 2021 – Interview – Blog Vicálvaro

Interview of the Culture Unit of the Municipal Board of Vicálvaro with Mari Pepa

Enter on this link for read this interview: ENTREVISTA A MARI PEPA DE CHAMBERÍ


May, 15 / 2021 – Cultural Center Conde Duque – San Isidro’s 2021

MARI PEPA offered with great emotion her show «El Madrid de San Isidro», since since 2019 and due to the pandemic, the festivities of San Isidro, patron saint of Madrid, had not been celebrated.

Accompanied by Miguel Tubía at the piano and Esther and Jesús Márquez in the dance and staging of a fragment of zarzuela, they reached the public with great success.

Long live San Isidro!

May, 14 / 2021 – Cultural Center San Francisco La Prensa

A traditional show by MARI PEPA at the San Francisco la Prensa for an audience that loves traditionalism, who shared with her a large part of the popular Madrid songs of the show. Very endearing atmosphere

May, 14 / 2021 – Interview for ESTÁ PASANDO (TeleMadrid)

MARI PEPA interviewed by Telemadrid TV., For the program “Está pasando”, at the San Francisco la Prensa Cultural Center, before starting the concert that she offered at said center.

May, 7 / 2021 – San Isidro’s Tour 2021 – Cultural Center Sara Montiel

The concert on Friday, May 7, at the Sara Montiel cultural center was very
A wonderful audience!
The masks did not detract from the joy of their voices, when they sang the
popular songs of our Madrid with Mari Pepa.


November, 9 / 2020 – Our Lady of Almudena

Mari Pepa sang before the image of Our Lady of Almudena, patron saint of Madrid, the Salve of her authorship.

This was during the events that took place in the atrium of the Madrid Cathedral on the occasion of the celebration of Madrid’s patron saint’s day.

The event was broadcast on TV Telemadrid live.

May, 15 / 2020 – SAN ISIDRO 2020

Given the health emergency situation caused by the COVID-19, as cultural events could not be held, MARI PEPA premiered her work “Viva San Isidro” on You Tube, on the channel of the #CarabanchelEnTuCasa town hall, with great success.

A video with concerts that brought to mind the traditional atmosphere of the Madrid festivals in previous years.


January, 31 / 2020 – Concert in C.C. Almirante Churruca (Madrid)

A fantastic evening was offered by MARI PEPA at the Cultural Center Almirante Churruca in Madrid, with a repertoire dedicated to Sara Montiel. The audience participated and enjoyed the show showing their affection and admiration for Mari Pepa.

(Photography to: Nieves Martinez)

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