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October, 1 / 2023 – Audience González Menéndez Pidal – El Espinar (Segovia)

A fantastic concert in a beautiful space, with very careful details and very appropriate to accommodate a large audience that filled the place, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Brotherhood of Labor.

An audience that enjoyed and participated in the show singing with Mari Pepa, exuding joy. Applause and affectionate gestures towards Mari Pepa in each of the songs. A resounding success.

The piano accompaniment of Miguel Tubía and the dances and zarzuela performances of Esther and Jesús Márquez completed the enthusiasm of the public.

An event not to forget.

August, 15 / 2023 – Virgin of Paloma’s Day

Mari Pepa sang the Our Father and Hail Mary of her own at the High Mass. Before leaving the image of the Virgin to procession, Mari Pepa sang the Salve before the painting in the temple.

And the Madrid media are made comunication the important event;

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August, 12,13,14 & 15 / 2023 – Festivities of Virgin Paloma

Traditional singing of the Hail and reading of a poem to the Virgin Paloma, in the Place of la Paja (Madrid)

August, 11 / 2023 – Castizos day

Mari Pepa sang the mass of her authorship, on the “Day of the Castizos” in the Parroquia de la Virgen de la Paloma.

Next, the “IV Virgen de la Paloma Chotis Competition” was held, with me being part of the jury and delivering the first prize together with Gabriel Benedicto.

August, 5 / 2023 – Saint Cayetano’s Festivities

Unforgettable concert in the General Vara del Rey square, celebrating the festivities of Saint Cayetano. A marvelous and dedicated public shared the leading role of the show with Mari Pepa, singing and dancing in a popular and authentic atmosphere.

Thanks to the public for their expressions of admiration and affection towards Mari Pepa.

May, 15 / 2023 – Gardens of Vistillas

Mari Pepa closed the San Isidro Festivities with a concert in the incomparable setting of the Gardens of Vistillas.

With his show «Capricho madrileño» he paid tribute to the organ grinders, waffle makers and the tuna. The projections showed us those people from the past and present who have contributed with their work to forge and maintain the most popular traditions in Madrid.

Mari Pepa, accompanied on piano by Miguel Tubía, reeled off a popular, joyful and participatory repertoire that delighted the audience, who followed her rhythm at all times.

Esther and Jesús Márquez with their exhibition of chotis and pasodoble conquered the public as they have been doing for many years.

With a very young audience in the front rows and in a very festive atmosphere, the end of the show was reached after several encores. A great success.

Thank you all !

May, 13 / 2023 – Cultural Center Carmen Laforet

Concert to celebrate the eve of the San Isidro festivities, with a traditional, joyful and participatory show in which Mari Pepa performed songs of her own and popular songs from Madrid, with great success.

May, 12 / 2023 – Cultural Center Rosario Acuña

Concert by Mari Pepa de Chamberí dedicated to San Isidro, patron saint of Madrid, and to famous singers who sang traditional songs.

Some projections brought to the present the memory of these singers and the cheerful and popular repertoire of Mari Pepa made the public integrate into the show, singing and showing great admiration and affection towards her.

Thank you!

May, 8 / 2023 – Prairie of San Isidro

Concert by Mari Pepa, accompanied by Miguel Tubía, in the Pradera de San Isidro to celebrate the festivities of the Patron Saint of Madrid. A joyful and participatory show in a family atmosphere, in an incomparable natural setting.

Madrid television did several interviews with Mari Pepa and at the end of the concert, Mari Pepa, accompanied by several people from the public, sang the chorus of a popular Madrid song before the cameras.

May, 6 / 2023 – Cultural Center García Lorca (Madrid)

A concert worth remembering, with a very dedicated audience that participated at all times and enjoyed the show singing the refrains of the songs with Mari Pepa.

April, 28 / 2023 – Concert in Mazarrón (Murcia)

Concert by Mari Pepa de Chamberí in Mazarrón, to close the Rocío festivities, for April’s Fair, with great success and participation of the audience.

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