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December, 17 / 2017 – Concert Tribute to Gloria Fuertes

Mari Pepa will perform on December 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the Buenavista Cultural Center in Madrid, with her show Homage to the poet Gloria Fuertes in her Centennial.

A fantastic afternoon on Sunday the 17th at C. Cultural Buenavista, with Mari Pepa de Chamberí, during the show tribute to Gloria Fuertes.

We were able to listen to some of the songs that they composed together, watch videos of Gloria with Mari Pepa and listen to the voice of the poet at various moments of the show.

Mari Pepa recited some poems by Gloria Fuertes and also offered us the typical songs from Madrid, the carol “Gloria al Crío” composed by both authors and we sang together a capella a popular Christmas carol. A great public and a very endearing afternoon.


August, 15 / 2017 – Day of the Virgin de La Paloma – Church

On the day of the Virgin of the Dove, Mari Pepa sang to the patron saint of Madrid the Salve in the temple before leaving to process, and accompanied her during the procession.



August, 14 / 2017 – Concert in the Plaza de la Paja

Mari Pepa performed in the Plaza de la Paja for all the castizos and other presents that celebrated the feast of the Virgen de la Paloma.


August,12 / 2017 – Church of La Paloma

Mari Pepa attended the celebration of the day of “the castizos” in the church of La Paloma, singing the salve to the Virgin and some songs to the assistants in the courtyard of the parish.


August,11 to 15 / 2017 – Fiestas de la Virgen de la Paloma

Mari Pepa sang the Salve to the Virgin of the Dove in the Plaza de la Paja



July, 21 / 2017 – Presentation of the “PEREGRINO DE SANTIAGO” at LUAR (TVG) Galician Television

MARI PEPA presented the song “PEREGRINO DE SANTIAGO” on the TV of Galicia, on the LUAR program, with the help of Xosé Ramón Gayoso and Jose Luis Blanco, with an intimate interview and interpretation of the theme of its authorship. A song with Galician airs and rhythms dedicated to Santiago Apóstol and to the pilgrims.

It was accompanied by a string orchestra, a ballet and a group with traditional Galician instruments.

The public participated with joy in the song with palmas and dances and El Correo Gallego in its Sunday edition published an extensive and endearing commentary on the back cover.

You can see the video here:

Letter and musical score of “PEREGRINO DE SANTIAGO”:



July, 19 / 2017 – Summer courses (El Escorial) in honor to Gloria Fuertes

17-21 July in El Escorial summer courses U.C.M. dedicated to the poet Gloria Fuertes in its centenary.
Mari Pepa will speak April 19 and will perform the songs he composed with texts by Gloria Fuertes.


July, 14 / 2017 – Concert in Tres Cantos (Madrid)

Mari Pepa offered his show “La Magia del Cuplé” in Tres Cantos.
A great public, who enjoyed and participated during the whole concert.


July, 13 / 2017 – The day of Galicia in Madrid

Mari Pepa de Chamberí acted in the event convened by the delegation of the Xunta de Galicia in Madrid, on the occasion of the day of Galicia, presided over by the Director of the Royal Spanish Academy and the 2nd President of the Xunta de Galicia.

To the personalities that had been awarded for his work and a numerous audience, Mari Pepa performed the song of his “Peregrino de Santiago” and finished singing in Galician the popular theme “A Rianxeira”, with great success.


May, 15 / 2017 – Patron Saint festivities of San Isidro

One year more MARI PEPA has been present in the programming of the Festival of the Patron of Madrid, in the Plaza of Vistillas. This time with a different program, but no less authentic.

“DE MADRID A LA GLORIA” is a show that MARI PEPA has dedicated to the great poet GLORIA FUERTES in the centenary of his birth. Compositions of glory and Mari Pepa, issues with the voice of the poet, poems, videos and traditional songs, dedicated to the great traditional poet of Lavapies. A success.

Miguel Tubia, accompanied Mari Pepa at the piano. The Marquez family made a beautiful display of chotis and pasodobles, presenting to the youngest children who danced beautifully.


May, 15 / 2017

In the place of the celebration of the mass of the meadow of San Isidro, presided over by the cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, D. Carlos Osoro, Mari Pepa sang to the patron of Madrid song “Isidro el Patrón”.


May, 14 / 2017

The exposure of the centenary of Gloria Fuertes, of the Centro Cultural Fernando Fernán Gómez in Madrid, ended and a reading of his poems day took place.
Image: Mari Pepa reading a poem by Gloria Fuertes.


May, 6 / 2017

Mari Pepa de Chamberí officiated as a bride in the ceremony of the blessing of the water of the source of San Isidro in the Hermitage. He directed a few words to the audience and sang a few songs to the Patron Saint.

An endearing, memorable and emotional Act.


Mari Pepa con Don Manuel Gullón y de Oñate

Singing “PADRENUESTRO” to San Isidro

Reading to the Patron Saint

Gift of flowers


May, 3 / 2017

Mari Pepa attended the presentation ceremony of the Fiestas de San Isidro, in the rose garden of Madrid.

May 15 to 20 h. Mari Pepa will perform in plaza de Las Vistillas, with the show “DE MADRID A LA GLORIA” a tribute to Gloria Fuertes at its centenary

Some pictures of the event:


April, 17 / 2017

Mari Pepa de Chamberí brings out a new album in homage to Gloria Fuertes, on the occasion of the centenary of the great poet. You can acquire it physically in the Exhibition of the life and work of Gloria Fuertes of the Cultural Center Fernán Gómez of Madrid and also in this web in the Online Shop section.

Limited units !! Also available on digital platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, etc…


March, 13 / 2017

In the Ateneo’s Theater of Madrid, inaugural commemoration of the Centennial birth of Gloria Fuertes.

Images: Mari Pepa with Paloma Porpetta (President Fundación Gloria Fuertes) and Ismael Peña (singer-songwriter).


March, 12 / 2017

Mari Pepa de Chamberí on the 50th anniversary of The Order of Vieira, in Madrid.

Publication: El Correo Gallego
Photos: Manuel Seixas


February, 28 / 2017

A great nigth in Galileo Galilei’s Music Bar, during the concert of Mari Pepa with his show “Cruzar el charco ”

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